These two articles will make you think

by Jim Lang

Two newspaper articles about education “reform” caught my eye today and made me think. My reactions are below; click on the links inside my blog responses to read the articles for yourself:

Tea party mobilizing against Common Core education reform
Washington Post, May 31, 2013

You know Indiana Republicans are radical when the tea party becomes the voice of reason.

But, when it comes to education reform, Republicans who have been posing as conservatives are being challenged, rightfully so, by tea party activists.

Like so many states bowing at the altar of corporate education “reform,” Indiana legislators and governors have embraced the Common Core Standards without ever asking critical questions or truly listening to the many voices of knowledgeable educators who have expressed doubts. As long as Bill and Melinda Gates support the movement, then it must be good for our schools and children, right?

However, thankfully, the tea party is speaking out against CCS standards and actually asking serious questions about how conservatives can support a movement that relies on nationalized standards and more federal government intrusion into education.

Indiana legislators would be smart to listen.

Of course, the true shame is that, as usual, they failed to listen to educators who have been voicing many of the same arguments for several years.

And the inequality grows
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, May 31, 2013

An editorial in today’s Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette explains why Indiana education “reform” and federal health care “reform” are both so devastating to our schools.

It refutes the ridiculous claims of Indiana legislators that the new school voucher program actually saves public schools money. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is one more example of education “reform” zealots telling half-truths and lies to manipulate voters.

However, it also outlines the very real costs of federal intrusion into health care “reform,” which is already hurting many of the very people who most need the help.

Perhaps most importantly, the editorial reveals an essential truth about “conservative” education reform and “liberal” health care reform — in both cases, the reform relies on more (not less) government intrusion and bureaucracy while often hurting the most vulnerable.

And, perhaps the best line of the piece: “It’s time for elected officials at both the federal and state level to give school officials more control over how public dollars are spent on education.”



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