64, 596.95: The number that reveals the most about Floyd Central High School

by Jim Lang

64, 596.95.

In a time when we use numbers to evaluate our teachers, students, and schools, the number that reveals the most about Floyd Central High School is 64, 596.95.

This single number, this piece of data, shows us everything we need to know about Floyd Central High School.

This number reflects the focus, spirit, and determination of FC students. It reflects their ability to organize a major community event. It reflects their ability to problem solve, communicate, work collaboratively, overcome obstacles, and set and exceed goals.

Yes, this number reveals more than any state test or standard that FC students are “career and college ready.”

This number shows much more, though. It reveals the quality of FC teachers, staff, and administrators. It is a testament to the many hours and days that event organizers and volunteers spent teaching, mentoring, planning with and, yes, laughing and even crying with, their students. It reflects their sacrifice to help their students achieve something so special and memorable that it will bond them forever. It reveals that to these educators, teaching is more than a test score – it’s an opportunity to shape lives and make a difference.

This number, too, is a reflection of a caring, generous community, one that supports and cherishes its school rather than ignoring, blaming, or abandoning it. This number reveals an essential truth – that successful schools and their students reflect the level of support and love from their community.

Most importantly, though, this number reflects an attribute that no state standard could ever measure because, frankly, it is far more important than any attribute measured by any state standard: generosity.

Last night, students, educators, parents, and community members came together at the annual Floyd Central Dance Marathon to raise $64, 596.95 for Riley Children’s Hospital. It was an event that revealed just how deeply and completely a school community could care about others. It revealed just how much good could still be accomplished in a world that needs leaders with a generous spirit of service far more than leaders with a particular major or grade-point average.

I have heard many cheers from FC students over the years, but none quite matched the pure joy and pride I heard last night when that number — $64, 596.95 – was announced.

That moment – and that number – reveal more about our school and community than any other piece of data ever could.


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