Teacher Appreciation Week 2014: Patience, Priesthood, and a Middle School Prediction

by Jim Lang

My middle school years were spent at Sacred Heart in Jeffersonville, where Anne Malone introduced me to the world of books. Her shelves were stocked with Agatha Christie mysteries. I’m sure I checked out and devoured every whodunit.

Exceedingly kind and always patient, Mrs. Malone pushed me to embrace the unfamiliar, and in doing so built my confidence in ways I did not appreciate at the time. I played a priest in an eighth-grade production of short stories that Mrs. Malone directed (just call me Fr. Jim, I guess). That was the beginning and end of my theatrical career, but as the quiet kid who rarely stepped out of the box, I remember that night and those moments as some of my favorites in middle school.

I believed more in myself because Anne Malone believed in me. And when I graduated from Sacred Heart and moved on to high school, Mrs. Malone included a prediction in her comments that she wrote in my yearbook – that she would someday enjoy reading my work as a writer or as a journalist.

She was close. Of course, neither of us knew at the time that my love for writing and journalism would blend so well with my love for teaching.

I’m sure that Anne Malone had something to do with that.

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