What I learned in 2015

by Jim Lang

For a variety of reasons, I walked away from this blog and from my writing in October, 2014. The reasons do not matter now. 

But the reasons I am writing again do, at least to me.

As 2015 fades, I realize that perhaps no year has taught me more about myself. I learned many lessons this year.

I learned to better appreciate the many special people in my life. Some have taught me more about myself. Others have strengthened my own faith in God. A few have impacted my life more than I can ever say.

I learned that God is real, that His guidance and presence in the most challenging circumstances and in the darkest hours can sustain me if I ask. And this year, I asked a lot.

I learned that I see God the most in the people He places in my life. I learn about Him through them.

I learned that when I reach out to help, often I am the person who needs and receives the most help.

I learned the most from my truly good friends, some of whom I love like family.

I learned that a job is just that — a job. It neither defines who I am nor shapes who I should be. 

I learned that those who judge others are more flawed and less perfect than those who make mistakes.

I learned that sometimes the best gift I can give myself is a road trip.

I learned that I can be independent, yet still rely on and learn from others.

I learned that real strength is asking for help.

I learned that technology does not enhance real teaching or learning.

I learned to say “no” more often because it’s often the healthiest choice.

I learned to be more patient.

I learned that superheroes are as cool now as they were when I was 10.

I learned that nothing beats a good book.

I learned that eventually, I have just have to write about it.

I learned a lot in 2015. I hope to learn just as much in 2016.

And, I hope to write more about it, too.

To those who blessed my life this year — family, friends, colleagues, and students — thank you for your love, support, and presence in my life.

Best wishes for a wonderful new year!



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